Wedding Live Entertainment Band Houston TXThe Best Live Wedding Band in Houston

Memphis Train Revue is one of the best live music wedding Bands in Houston, TX, and we can’t wait to make YOUR wedding reception or ceremony AMAZING!

We play live music for upscale weddings throughout the greater Houston area, and have the talent and management team to deliver on what we promise.

We bring unparalleled musical talent, professional, courteous management & most important, FUN to your Houston Wedding Reception, making it an elegant, captivating occasion for all your guests.

Our passion is to make your wedding unforgettable. You don’t have to be Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner to have an elegant wedding. According to Glamour Magazine, “Joe and Sophie Turner pulled off a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas, complete with an Elvis impersonator. The couple also exchanged vows again in Provence, France on June 29 after a week of celebrating with friends and family.”

Even if you’re not a celebrity, we can still offer you an gorgeous, elegant wedding music experience.

Great Music equals a Great Reception

Houston TX Live band for weddings, Houston Wedding Band

The Great City of Houston TX, Where We Love To Play Weddings!

What’s a special occasion without good music to celebrate? Our wedding band has the experience and professionalism to not only play the music that creates a great atmosphere, but to do all the little things that make an event successful. These aren’t always visible, but they are just as important as great stage presence or a great song. You can check our review page where our wedding clients talk about our band and management’s service.

We arrive on time, load in and out without a fuss, fulfill everything in the agreement we carefully tailor to your needs, and do all of it under the careful management of Mark Grossman.

Factors to consider when selecting a band to play your Houston wedding

Choosing your wedding band is not easy. We might not be the right fit for your wedding, for several reasons:

  1. We’re not the cheapest wedding band. We’re a full 10-piece live music wedding band, including full horn section, playing dance and funk from the 70s to today.
  2. Our band might be too large physically for the space you have. If you have a small band area, then a 10-piece band would not work. Incidentally, we have a smaller version of our full band available for wedding and event bookings: Caboose Wedding Band
  3. We play funk, R&B and dance music. If you’re looking for classical music, or a country cover band, then we would not work for you. Our manager, Mark Grossman, has many connections in the wedding and event industry, so could most likely make a recommendation or connection to another wedding band if they are a better fit for you

When you’re ready to hire your wedding band, whether us or someone else, here are some best practice tips:

Before you start, we recommend that you take some steps to prepare. Like your wedding venue, the music of your wedding reception sets the mood for your guests and the entire event. It is therefore important to choose a band carefully.

Not all brides are so lucky and there are many horror stories that you can read online where less than professional band members turned up late, drunk, without instruments, and so on.

Not with us. Our success and reputation are based on our talent, professionalism and versatility. 

Type of Wedding BandHouston Wedding Live Music Entertainment

There are so many types of bands you can hire for the live entertainment for your wedding music, and of course would vary according to your event’s theme and style. The best wedding band should offer variety of music for your guests all throughout the celebration.

This is where Memphis Train Revue shines, because, with our highly experienced instrumentalists and vocalists, we’re able to offer shimmering takes on hits across several decades.

If your wedding is done in modern theme, hire an R&B band like Memphis Train Revue. If you prefer jazz, hire a jazz band. Jazz music can add a little sophistication to your wedding.

A Classical Instrumental Ensemble band can be a good pick if you would like a lot of instruments such as harp, flute, cello, and strings etc., played at your wedding.  It is suitable for traditional and formal weddings.

Houston Wedding Venue for Live Wedding BandBest Music to Play at your Wedding

Although many brides have an idea of ​​the music they want, it does not necessarily mean you will have a detailed playlist on hand. 

We’re able to offer much assistance here, because of our extensive playlist of wedding music. Our group of experienced musicians and singers perform the greatest hits from a wide range of styles and eras. They include funk, classics, disco and pop. Simply talk through what your desires are when you speak with our manager, Mark Grossman.

Your guest list will be made up of people from all ages, so we make sure to play different kinds of music and work to engage all the guests attending your wedding. 

Questions to ask your Houston Live Entertainment Wedding Band

Before you sign a contract to book your wedding band, it is important to ask some questions so there will no problems on the most important day of your life.

You want a professional band that’s versatile enough to play the entire playlist you’ve chosen for your wedding while also doing all the little things we discussed before.

You need to ask about the size of the group, as this will affect the cost of the band you hire for your wedding. You also need to know what instruments they play as this will determine if you will get the kind of music that you want. Here are the crucial questions to ask your band;

-Are the musicians professional?

-How many weddings have you performed at?

Are you a traditional wedding band?

-What happens when you are on a break or not playing? 

-How much space do you require?

-How long will you play for?

-Do you have a sample contract?

-What are your payment terms?

-Do you take special requests during the wedding reception? 

These are some, but not all, the questions that you must ask before booking your band. For instance, what is the cost of your wedding band? 

Clear answers to your questions give you peace of mind. Your wedding will run smoothly without incident when everything is in order. 

Another wonderful benefit our band brings is that our manager will be in close contact with your wedding planner so that he or she can organize everything needed for the live entertainment. Your band may require a room to change, hot meals or soft drinks, and the planner will arrange all of that. 

Plan your Budget for your Live Wedding BandHow to Plan for Your Wedding Band Cost

Know your budget before speaking to any band. How much would it cost to have an amazing live band at your wedding reception? Cost for live band depends on various factors;

-Date of the wedding

-Popularity of the band

-The Number of musicians playing in the band

-City or location of the performers 

If your band will be traveling a long distance to perform at your wedding, you will be needed to pay more for their airfare, accommodation and meals. We play receptions and weddings regularly in Houston, so that’s no problem at all.

Booking our band is commonly a 4 hour package, and is usually sufficient for most weddings, but again, you’ll learn the specifics when you go through the discovery process with our band management.

Award-Winning Wedding Band in Houston

At Memphis Train Revue, our mission is to deliver  premium live wedding music experience for your special day. We do that through an astonishing range of music styles, appealing to crowds of all ages and make sure every one of your guests is engaged and entertained at your wedding. 

If you’re looking for the best dance band for your Houston wedding, Memphis Train Revue will keep you entertained and make sure your guests spend the night dancing.

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