Austin Live Music Wedding Band with Horn Section, Memphis Train RevueAward-Winning Live Wedding Band from Austin, TX!

Memphis Train Revue is an award winning wedding band from Austin. What makes us unique is one thing: Passion.

We bring a professionalism and passion to every wedding reception we play, and yours will be no exception. We’re a 10-piece band with 5 vocalists, and more than a decade of experience playing the many gorgeous wedding venues around Austin.

We play R&B infused funk and dance music that will keep you and your guests on the floor and highly entertained all night long.

How to Hire the Best Live Wedding Band for Your Reception in Austin

Once you’ve decided to book a wedding band instead of a DJ, it’s time to find the right talent for you. But before you jump in and just hire the first band you talk to, there are some things you should know.  You probably are aware already, but your wedding reception music sets the tone for the entire evening, so it’s important to choose a live wedding band carefully. 

Ideally, you’ve been to receptions around Austin with memorable music and you can research who performed at Austin Live Music Wedding Bandthem. 

Not everyone’s so lucky, though, and hiring talent that you know can come with a caveat. Just because the band at your local bar is great for that crowd, for example, doesn’t mean that they’re prepared to entertain at an occasion like an upscale wedding.

There are very specific tasks and skills needed to ensure success at your wedding. Engaging the crowd, making announcements on time during the evening, professional load in and load out, these are all critical, and are usually the fail points of less-experienced bands.

 Type of live music wedding band you need

There are different types of bands you can hire for your wedding. Determine the type of music you want played – Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, Beyoncé, Country, Dance, Funk, etc… there are many choices. 

Some bands are set up to play a wide variety of music, and other live bands play  to accommodate the variety of guests with various ages and tastes in music.

Couples can also find a specialty group that focuses on a specific genre or era of music, such as Motown, ‘80s, Latin Bands, Klezmer Bands and cover bands.

Know the Wedding Music that you want

While many brides will have an idea of what music they want in mind, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’ll have a detailed playlist to hand. Take advantage of the band in this respect as they will most likely be more familiar with popular contemporary or classical music and which tunes create the kind of atmospheres you’re aiming for. 

With most experienced wedding bands, give them a few pointers and they’ll be able to come back to you with a whole playlists worth of suggesting, some of which may pleasantly surprise you.

Hire a Dance Band for your Austin Wedding like Memphis Train Revue that can entertain

The most important wedding detail to your wedding guests is the music.  Music played at the wedding reception will determine how much fun they have at a wedding. 

So it’s important for the couple to hire a wedding band that can get guests up on their feet and keep them on the dance floor.  

“A great live band has an incredible visual and aural energy,” says Jim Eppolito of West Coast Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California. “Seeing musicians playing instruments and singing — creating music — for many can be magical.”

Ask the Right Questions

Before you book, know what to ask, and get your questions answered. Aside from the basics like availability, you Austin Texas Live Music Wedding Band Trumpet and Saxophoneshould figure out the size of the band since that can impact what you pay them and how you accommodate them. 

Knowing which instruments they play is also valuable, as it’ll help you decipher if they can deliver the sound that you crave. 

And inquiring about their flexibility is crucial. Do they always work the same way, or can they adjust their performance to suit the flow of your celebration?

On the topic of flexibility, ask the band where you can find their most up-to-date song list and how they can handle special requests. Some bands are fairly restrictive in allowing the client to pick out specific songs and will push for the freedom to do ‘their’ show. 

That may be great as many really good bands have very rehearsed and choreographed shows, but if you want to hear the songs that are important and meaningful to you and not just the show that the band has rehearsed so make sure that you have informed them of the music that you want. 


Wedding reception crowd having a great time with live music bandKnow what you want from Your Live Wedding Band 

Be clear on what you want from the band. Many live wedding bands like to take an active role in the proceedings, so be sure to find out if this is the case. 

Are they to be background music, will they announce the bride and groom to the reception on the wedding first dance song or is the master of the Ceremony?  Will they communicate with the audience or play a set list without interruption for the night? 

Do you want them to take an active role in getting people involved or simply create an atmosphere of bliss that envelopes the event? Get these initial questions right and you’ll be well on your way to making the ideal choice.

Know what you can afford

The price you can expect to pay for a live wedding band varies dramatically, ranging from the hundreds of dollars all the way up to the tens of thousands. In general, the more band members in a band, the more you should expect to pay. 


The Best Live wedding band in Austin

At Memphis Train Revue, we make it our mission to deliver the best live music in Austin. By reading the energy in the room, we know how to engage every crowd and give guests exactly what they want.

 With expertise in their respective genres, and a willingness to adapt to their audiences, our artists will ensure the dance floor is never empty leaving guests raving about your wedding for years to come. 

If you like funk or dance band, our live band Memphis Train Revue will supply the vibes and will have your guests grooving all night long at the reception. 

If you’re looking for a smoother experience or Jazz Trios, our jazz artists will bring a chill and sophisticated feel to crowds of any size and are perfect for cocktail hour. 

Last but not least, our talented performers create a tasteful ambiance adding an extra element to any event or wedding ceremony.

We understand that entertainment is a must for any unforgettable event. 

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