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Memphis Train Revue is a live wedding band playing upscale wedding ceremonies and receptions in and around the entire San Antonio area. What distinguishes us from other wedding bands is that we create memories that last a lifetime.

Tell us about yourself, your partner, and your San Antonio Wedding Venue, and we’ll make sure you get the playlist you want, as well as the performance options that make your wedding ceremony or reception the beautiful experience you’ve always wanted. 

Your Marriage Only Happens Once, Have Your Way

Do you want to just sit back and enjoy the evening, relaxing at your table? We will keep the band on stage and your guests on the dance floor.

o you prefer to celebrate with everyone around you? We’ll work with you to make you the star of the show!

Memphis Train Revue dances with you, your friends and family; we’ve even had brides and grooms who wanted to get onstage and “get down” with us!

Whatever you want, it’s your call, because it’s your special day.  San Antonio Wedding Bands playing R&B and Horn section

We have more than 10 years of experience playing beautiful, elegant wedding venues in San Antonio like Hotel Emma.We know the effect of playing the perfect song at just the right time in your reception, and a beautiful, elegant, and exciting experience is guaranteed when you book our award winning wedding band for your special night.

We’re constantly working through our wedding playlist and repertoire to update the songs to today’s most popular hits along with the golden era of funk.

We do this so that we’re fully prepared to play the songs you want. In the discovery phase of your engagement with our band, our manager, Mark Grossman, will work through and finalize the playlist from our repertoire that best fits your desires, so that we’re sure to maximize your experience.


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How to select a Live Wedding Band in San Antonio

Choosing your wedding band can feel like a daunting task. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, and that’s why we’ve compiled some best-practice ideas we recommend, along with practices we follow meticulously.

The truth is, Memphis Train Revue might not be the perfect wedding band for your needs. We might be too big, too expensive, or you might not like danceable music at your wedding.

That’s OK. Even if we’re not the right live music wedding entertainment for you, these tips will help you.

First Things First

First, before hiring one, we recommend that you take some preparatory steps. 

The live wedding band you choose will set the mood and tone for the whole day -good or bad- therefore, it’s important to carefully consider important factors before making your selection.

It would be great to attend a dozen or so events with unforgettable music and investigate the bands that performed there. That would be great, but who has the time? 

We’d like to suggest that perhaps the most important conversation you could have is with a group of wedding planners. Why? Because they do what you don’t have the time to do: to vet dozens of wedding bands to understand who meets the mark, and who doesn’t.

We can provide you with a list of certified professional wedding planners with whom we have worked together so that you can discuss your needs with them. We even put together a list of wedding planners and what they recommend in hiring a good San Antonio wedding band.

Maybe you don’t want a dance band for your wedding, and that’s fine. These wedding planners can have awesome tips that will make your big day successful, regardless of the live band you end up hiring.


Different Types of Wedding Bands  Live Music R&B Band for San Antonio Weddings

There are many different types of live band you can choose from depending on the theme and style of your wedding. 

Some live wedding bands play a wide variety of music to suit guests of different ages and taste in music. Other bands are niche bands that only play 1 type of music (like a cover band).

Do you know the live music selections that you want played on your wedding day?

Picking the music can be just as difficult and confusing as picking the stationery, with so many options and songs to choose from.

Know the basics

How many songs do you need for your wedding ceremony? In addition, consider your history. There’s bound to be a song that you both really connect to.

It is extremely important that you read the lyrics to make sure it’s a song telling the story you really want your guests to hear and not the other way round. 

Entertaining Live Music

Here are some thoughts on how you can engage a local wedding band with live San Antonio music, even if it is not us! 

Would you like us to entertain your wedding guests and keep them busy? Or better still, do you want people to rave about your wedding later? Hire us.

We know how much your wedding day means to you. Our modern band specializes in todays and yesterday’s top hits and is designed to lure your guests from their seats onto the dance floor. 

The music determines the atmosphere and mood of your wedding entertainment. Just as you could never compromise on your wedding dress, you should never settle for a live wedding band that is less than the best.

Gorgeous San Antonio Wedding Photo with Bride and GroomQuestions to ask your Wedding Band

We’ve identified a few things that you should be sure to ask before hiring a wedding cover band.

Apart from the basics like availability, you should figure out the size of the band, as this will have an impact on the cost of your wedding. 

If you know which instruments will be played, you can use this to determine if they can deliver the sound you want.

On the topic of flexibility, enquire about their latest song list and how to handle special requests. Some bands are pretty restrictive when it comes to letting the customer choose specific songs and will only want to play their songs. 

Know what you want from your San Antonio Wedding Band

It is crucial to know what kind of wedding band you want, and what kind of vibe you want them to bring

Make it clear what you want from your wedding band. Some bands in San Antonio like to play an active role in a wedding, so make sure you find out if this is the case.

Are they playing background music? Do you want your band to communicate with your audience or play a setlist for the night without interruption?

Consider your Budget

Costs for live band will vary based on the number of songs you want played on your wedding, date and time of the wedding, number of performers as well as the city or location of the band.

Our Award winning wedding band in San Antonio

When you want live music for your special day, turn to the best! At Memphis Train Revue, our mission is to deliver the best entertainment for your wedding in San Antonio. 

With expertise in each genre and a willingness to adapt to the audience, our performers make sure that the dance floor is never empty and guests rave about your wedding for years.