Willie Scoggins cannot recall a time when music wasn’t a part of his existence. “I’ve always got something going on in my head…a song, a rhythm…it’s just always there.”

Initially exposed to classic Top 40 pop, country and R&B tunes on the radio, his musical roots ran much deeper with folk, opera and even show tunes added to the mix spun on the family record player. “It was just a confluence, being a little kid and hearing all this music around, as I was growing up.”

Willie has been playing in bands since his early teens. After moving back to Texas in 1994, he played with Lisa Tingle in the band “Plan C.”  While playing one night, he met the bass player for Memphis Train Revue during a break. Informed they needed a guitarist, he auditioned and – 20 years later – he’s still going strong with the band.

While cultivating this love of music, Willie still remains the “artistic pragmatist” in his approach to Memphis Train Revue performances, viewing each as a fresh and unique experience: “Every performance is different, and a lot of that energy comes from the audience.”

Just as each musician brings their own experiences and interaction with other band members TO the stage, what happens ON the stage is ultimately fueled by audience engagement and enthusiasm. This explains why Willie – and the entire band, for that matter – commit to making each performance a true “experience” for their audiences.

Establishing that musical connection with others could best be defined as a calling for Willie Scoggins. But for him, personally, it’s the soundtrack of his life. And, Memphis Train Revue gladly provides the accompaniment for those tunes!